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We distribute spare parts, components and accessories regarding household appliances and pellet stoves all over the world.
We've been working in this field since 1980 and we reached a leading role in the whole nation thanks to quality, customer care and good service.
Commitment and efficiency allow us to satisfy the customer promptly and provide flexible and different solutions.
With a 5.100 square meters building in the industrial area of Casoria, a team of sole business agents and the presence of more than 4.600 retailers, Larel represents an increasing business company in the white industry, developing the only core business in Italy, which distributes spare parts and accessories for household appliances as well as in support services.
That was possible thanks to the direct partnership with more than 100 national and international brands.


Customer satisfaction depends on pre and after-sale services adapted to their needs and offered with great professionalism and kindness from our operators.

Assistenza prevendita


Consultancy and assistance service aims to find solutions and products indicated by the customer.
Larel offers pre-sale assistance from Monday to Friday 9.00-18.30 and on Saturdays 8.00-12.00 by internal offices and regular visits of our business agents.

Ordini online


In order to facilitate our customer needs, Larel has an ecommerce area which allows to send on line orders: speed, accuracy and quality.
Larel computer system gives to you a customer code to collect all you orders in a picking list prepared in about 24 hours.



Our policy of restocking take into account: minimum stock, safety stock, reorganisation and restocking time. That allows us to guarantee, in case of a missing product, fast restocking time (about 72 hours after the order).

Assistenza post vendita


An after-sale service, adapted to the customer needs, guarantees assistance on demand as well as product information and shipment tracking when the package leaves our stock.



More than 950.000 original spare parts of the most important brands.
The automatic stock, operated by one of the most modern computer system, allows to prepare 95% of the orders received within 15 hours, with a stockholding adapted to the moment the items move more.



All the items, individually coded, leave from our place in Casoria in cardboard and customized packages. 95% of the orders received within 15 hours. We use the express courier as only way of shipping for the safety of goods and for guaranteeing the delivery time of our products.

How to register

Spare parts for household appliances

  • You can find the full range of spare parts
  • for washing (dishwasher, washing machine,
  • washer dryer, spin dryer) for cooking
  • (oven, hob, hood) for
  • (fridge, freezer) and
  • all the range of spare parts for
  • small household appliances.

How to register to get

in the private area.

  • Larel private areas allow you
  • to get in our ecommerce,
  • (spare parts for household appliances or
  • pellet stoves)
  • where you can search for parts,
  • check prices,
  • availability and handle orders autonomously.
  • If you want to get in the on line services
  • you need to be codified as customer,
  • please to fill the form
  • by clicking on REGISTER

Spare parts for pellet stoves

  • In this section you can find
  • the full range of spare parts
  • for pellet stoves and fireplaces
  • such as resistors, gear motors,
  • tangential fans, centrifugal fans,
  • smoke extractors, electronic boards,
  • braids, probes, sensors, burner pots.


All staff

Report of quality policy

LAREL S.r.L. mainly aims at the distribution of spare parts for household appliances by providing high quality pre and after-sale assistance. This organisation wants to improve its competitiveness within the regional but also national context, by guaranteeing and improving all the time the distribution and assistance service.

Customer's value is the main purpose identified by LAREL S.r.L. whose managers aim to create strong and serious human relationships to all those who decide to deal with our company, for any reason.

Quality is the basic principle in every production activity made by the company. That guarantees both contractors and employees concerned. It must be performed and supported by all the people working constantly or occasionally with the organisation.

LAREL S.r.L. is constantly evolving and improving thanks to the excellent work carried out by the whole staff which follows the same ideal.

Agreements, associationism and quality certifications make LAREL S.r.L. one of the most successful companies in the white goods industry where the main activity developed proves to be a reference in Italy in the wholesale and retail distribution of spare parts and accessories and of all support services.

In order to keep having high qualitative standards and with a view to improving, LAREL S.r.L. has developed, optimised and submitted to third part certification, a quality management system able to ensure the effectiveness of the process through the involvement and participation of all internal and external resources of the organization. Every employee is continuously updated according to the role played.

LAREL S.r.L. already uses operating models proposed by European legislation for the quality company management, by referring to the legislations belonging to the international standards of the series ISO 9000.

The implementation of the adopted management model allows LAREL S.r.L. to plan properly the actions to perform for the achievement of the quality targets defined by the management and verify, systematically in relation to these ones, the efficiency and the effectiveness of the organisation as a whole.

Among the objectives to be achieved, always with a view of quality, reliability, seriousness, competence, effectiveness and efficiency, LAREL S.r.L. proposes:

- Orientation towards the customer.

- Management and coherence in the objectives: working in a coordinated way among the areas to achieve the same purpose by tracking processes and passages.

- Staff growth: continuous improvement through theoretical-practical training performed by the managers in the organisation; training required by law for its own staff and training identified by customers'need and by the market in order to have a staff able to work in an autonomous and responsible way.

- Partnership creation: the aim is both extending the offer and increasing the approval of the establishment within the economic and social context of the working area.

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